Want to develop your digital literacy skills? Want to know more about computers and the online world?

Digital Literacy - is the ability to find, evaluate, utilize, share, and create content using information technologies and the Internet. (Cornell University, New York)

Digital Economy - an economy based in digital technologies.

We now do so much online, interacting with others all over the world to buy, sell, share & connect.  This part of the portal will have a new digital reference for readers to learn about.  We will take information from reputable sources and include links for you to follow if you're after further information on that topic.  Most of the information will come from the South Australian Government website ForwardIT, which has been set up to teach about the digital and online environment.  Feedback is always welcome!


Digital language

Learning a new language is difficult.  Trying to understand how to put it all together can be confusing and frustrating when it's all so different.  There are so many words that have been introduced to our vocabulary through digital progress and trying to keep up is a challenge. There are many websites on the internet that can help you to learn this new digital language.  One of them is ForwardIT's Jargon Buster.  Below is the Jargon Buster for you to download onto your computer or device to keep as a reference. As with any new language the key to understanding is to use it.  Practice your digital knowledge when speaking with other like minded people or help those who would like to know more, to better understand the language.

If you are looking for more on digital literacy or the digital economy, try ForwardIT.  It's a great website that helps you to learn how to use the internet safely and securely, at your own pace.  If you're looking for a computer to practice your skills or to further explore the websites mentioned on this page, check out the Gawler Public Library.  Their website has all the information regarding location, opening times and computer use.  There are also plenty of books available to borrow regarding digital literacy topics and devices.

File downloads

ForwardIT_Jargon_Buster (pdf - 497 KB)